Love, Yourself

Dear me,

You once lost yourself, don’t let that happen again. It took you longer than a year to find yourself again and trust me, it wasn’t because you lost him, it was because you found him. You let him into your life and persuaded yourself that that was how you wanted to live, did you really not hear the truth behind your own lies.
You used to lay in bed at night crying, tears falling, because of the life that you chose, because of who you chose. You hated yourself and who you had become – but you never hated him.

When you lost him and he walked out of your life, you felt lost and alone, you were scared and heartbroken. The funny thing is, is that that is seen to be normal; people say it all the time, that when we lose people we lose ourselves. Not true. When you met him you lost yourself. You changed, and only now can you see that. Am I right?

Never forget who you are, no matter how intense your love may be, your love for yourself should always be more consuming. Have time for yourself, have time for your friends, have time for your family, and only then, have time for him.

You used to read a lot, you used to get up on a stage and dance…until you didn’t. Remember what made you happy, write a list of hobbies, people, foods, and make sure that you are true to yourself and keep being you. Don’t let yourself fall into another trap, into a life of someone else, someone unfamiliar.
Know you – Be you – Stay you.

Always have your own back,